C-LINK grew from the needs of our diverse community at Brazee Street Studios in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Not long after Brazee opened in 2009, visitors began stopping by asking us to recommend artists for unique gifts or custom projects for their homes or offices. We've given hundreds of referrals.

C-LINK is our innovative and elegant solution to that need to connect – a state-of-the-art networking platform and your introduction to some of the Cincinnati region's artists and craftspeople.

It's easy to use. Visit c-linklocal.com to create a free account, which gives you access to a carefully curated community of local artisans, craftspeople and designers available for hire.

Artists: Our jury of experts considers new applications four times a year. Learn more here.        

C-LINK speaks to Community, Creative, Cincinnati, Connect. Together, we help strengthen Cincinnati's creative economy.

Check out all of C-Link's events, at Brazee and beyond!