Custom Glass Events - The GLASSROOM

Bring your family, friends, or co-workers to Brazee for a GLASSROOM experience! Guests will select from a range of glass project options in person, such as plates, platters, coasters, ornaments, and more. Using colorful glass accessories to design and create their own glass projects, guests will have free reign of our glass buffet. Glassroom offers your the freedom to add projects without committing in advance. Mix and match colored bases to create a truly unique piece of glass art. 

Our staff will work with you to pick a date and block of time (2 hours) that works for you, or discuss joining one of our public Glassroom sessions. Give your staff a creative team building glass lesson, celebrate a loved one with a private party or gather friends to reconnect and catch up- if you can imagine it, we can help you make it happen. Choosing from a range of projects such as bowls, coasters and plates, you can build your perfect event. Best of all guests will create e a beautiful piece of functional glass art to remind them of your time spent together. 

Private Glassroom Events start at $500.
     $200 - Classroom Rental 
 +  $300 - Glass Project Minimum (Can be charged individually based on projects made, or paid for as a group)

- Schedule a specific date and 2-hour block of time to rent the studio. 
  - Guests are welcome to bring their own snacks and beverages to share. Ask us if you are interested in catering provided by Sleepy Bee Cafe. 
  - All projects are fired in the kiln and will be available to pick one week after class. 
  - Allow all the projects to be available for your group, or specify which project (eg coasters, small plates).  

Contact us to schedule your Custom Event:
Angie Unger - info@brazeestreetstudios.com (513) 321-0206

Guests will select from a range of projects and colors upon arrival. Projects range from $10 - $65 each. 

- Classic Ornaments (square with ring) - $25 each or 4 for $80
- New Ornaments (square or diamond with hole) - 
$25 each or 4 for $80
- Coasters (4'') - $20 each, or 4 for $70
- Small Plate (6'') - $40
- Small Channel Plate (4''x12'') - $45
- Medium Channel Plate (5''x17'') - $65
- Rectangular Slumper (12''x7') - $65
- Small Bowl (5.5'') - $35
- Small Dish (4'') - $25
- Pendants (with ball chain) - $15
- Magnets - $10 





Customize Your Event! Have a unique theme or idea? We’d love to collaborate with you to create the perfect event for your group. Pricing for projects dependent on customization.


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Contact us to schedule your Custom Event:
Angie Unger - info@brazeestreetstudios.com (513) 321-0206