Georarities operates in the gaps between life, art and nature. In their studio/gallery artist brothers Stuart and Michael present one of a kind high end sculptures, paintings and functional art comprising natural geologic items such as petrified wood, rose quartz, lapus lazuli, amethyst, citrine, crystals, cathedrals, spheres, rare meteorites, polychromatic jasper, turquoise, fossils & dinosaur bones and other beautiful natural occurring items. They often combine natural items with found items such as antique wood moulds originally used for stamping metal, into new "combined" art pieces.

They are known for selling petrified wood tables cut from petrified tree stumps and polished on top to high end clothing "haute couture" showrooms in N.Y. and into estates in Beverly Hills, CA. They are proud to offer one of a kind pieces for your fine home, landscape garden area, business or public space. They create and sell to interior designers, architects and garden and landscape professionals as well as home owners and art collectors.

Website: http://www.georarities.com
Email: info@georarities.com