In-Store Discounts

Bullseye Glass
Volume Discount

  • Spend $400-$599, get 20% off
  • Spend $600-$899, get 30% off
  • Spend over $900, get 40% off

illets, molds, rods, confetti, sheet glass, shelf primer, frit & powder, glass packs, glastac, stringer, thinfire

NO DISCOUNT ON: tools & equipment, kilns, classes & events, fiber paper, books & magazines, cullet, sample sets, dichro, volume rods

Why don’t we match Bullseye's 50% discount on glass orders?

If you do the math, our 40% discount is actually a better price. Here's how: If you buy $1200 worth of glass from Bullseye through their website, you will get a 50% discount, resulting in a cost for the glass of $600.  But you will also have to pay for shipping boxes (for half sheets, that's around 3 boxes at $18 each, or $54 total) and for shipping (around another $35 a box, maybe more, or $105 total).  That's a total price of $759.00 (plus applicable state tax).

Buying $1200 worth of glass from Brazee Street Studios will cost you just $720 (plus tax).  So a 40% discount at Brazee costs you less than a 50% discount at Bullseye Glass. Plus, you get to pick out all of your glass in person. Get the right colors and styles at the right price!