Tim Lancaster


FlesGnoode is simply the ArtSpirit. It is both the process(Spirit) and the materialization(Art). As the artist, the painter I am a small important part of the final canvas presentation of the whole. The stretchers are made by Pete and Ted at Upper Canada stretchers. State of the art craftsmanship and materials. The linen from the Belgium based ArtFix  is made by sophisticated technology and old world craftspeople weaving and structuring a surface to receive the brilliance and hold it for centuries.
My collection of over one thousand brushes range from large 6 inch genuine badger hair brushes from China that I bought from Bridge Paint Co in Louisville to tiny artist's brushes made by hand in Germany and elsewhere.  Some of my greatest treasures are old Purdy brushes from the 80's made in Washington state....when the company was younger and trying to make inroads with the professional paint community they made some very exceptional brushes, once they expanded to the big box stores that standard slipped....I bought cases and cases of the old ones as many as I could afford. I use them still today......
The 'paints', the primers, the glazes, the colorants are the essential to the work. These come from all over the world and include handmade colors from the Netherlands and artist glaze components from Ronan Paint still producing awesome materials from the Bronx in New York.  All of these must be made to high standards with dedicated makers and office staff. They are all heavily scrutinized and tested for extreme colorfastness and durability. I believe in direct opposition to many , that these materials are dramatically superior to the old oil and varnish world.
All of these must somehow be delivered ... UPS ,  Cincy Color Co., and sundry art stores gather these needed items and get them to me often from across the globe.
And then there is Tim Lancaster the painter. I learned to paint thanks to the hundreds of friends who allowed me to exercise my craft creating murals and architectural art in their homes ; I learned to paint without thought or plan ir as I say 'paint from the inside. Empowered by the resources and opportunities offered by my many clients the ArtSpirit within my soul, took me on the journey, followed  destiny, and served the greater good. I learned an immense base of paint and application knowledge over 50 years of brush work and trying to manifest Divinely bestowed creative intuitions and silent guides that fueled the fascination with the possibilities latent in 'paint'.
The old adage is true, when the student is ready the master appears. There is a planetary hierarchy for each of the seven spirits of God. We are watched by the unseen eyes of Spirit and when we are sufficiently prepared and humbled, the teacher comes to instill the understanding that makes all the experience, knowledge and materials usable in hitherto fore unimaginable ways ... for FlesGnoode, for me...this master was Peter Nisbet from Sante Fe. Peter was able to see the ArtSpirit trapped within and released it. 
The paintings born after this teaching  rapidly ascended into the FlesGnoodes here on this site.
This release was made even more freeing by the help and insight of Mark Patsfall. Mark saw in the early FlesGnoodes something of the ArtSpirit still needing to be connected to.... larger and less.....
On a perfect July 18th 2013 around 1:03 in the afternoon, I saw Lori Holwadel for the first time. Although I certainly did not believe in such things it was 'love at first sight'.
It was Lauren who suggested finding studio space at a local studio campus that had advertised new spaces opening. It was Lauren who took me to a Monet show in Houston which changed the way I looked at art. It was Lauren also who took me to Toronto to see a  Turner show from the Tate which changed the way I saw Monet.  It was Lauren who suggested taking a workshop in Indianapolis from Peter. She later encouraged me to travel to Sante Fe for an intensive where the gates of the kingdom were opened. Mark Patsfall is a longtime friend of Lauren's....And she has continued  to work and believe in my journey and destiny enough to allow me to focus on my work full time. Without her, FlesGnoode would not have come into being. She is a true soulmate and the love of my life!
FlesGnoode is therefore the expression of the times, of the soul, of the eternal ArtSpirit And it all requires you...to see, enjoy and welcome into your homes and offices.
thank you for visiting.... 

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