Tim Lancaster


I live in Madisonville, Ohio with my incredible soulmate and wife Lauren Howadel. I maintain a studio on the second floor of the Brazzee Street Studios in Oakley.
To share my journey of learning how to paint I would have to mention many names some of which I have forgotten since they touched me over 50 years ago. I would have to thank 100's of kind souls who invited into their homes with my paints. The journey of the painter would also have to include hundreds of how to books I gleaned insights from as well as looking at the masterpieces I was privileged to see in person and study.
The journey of the artist began just as early as I loved the beauty of nature. I loved the sunsets, and the old creek beds. I spent years and years watching the clouds dance and move, the forms and shapes of ancient trees, the sounds of leaves in the wind. Yeah the passion for the beauty I saw and still see was the main driver. And certainly with that was the spiritual quest, the meditation, the journey to answer a longing in my soul that ultimately would be met by color and shapes and feelings expressed in paint. 

Email: tlanca5880@aol.com
Phone: 859-466-5615

Website: www.tlancasterart.com

Location: Second floor, main building